Budweiser Clydesdales playing football original Super Bowl TV spot – Cannes Golden Lion Award.

Wells Fargo Feeding America Holiday Commercial

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We set out to create a production company that offered unique solutions to our budding client roster. To that end we traveled the world looking for countries that delivered a broad spectrum of production value and a business friendly atmosphere.

We found a number of options and settled for two, The United States and Argentina. Our offices offer you the best of both worlds; eight seasons per year instead of four, great location options, a tremendous talent pool, and a professional production experience.

Through the years we have been privileged to work on advertising that has stood the test of time. From best-loved Super Bowl spots to the longest running campaigns in the business. We remain committed to provide unrivaled production solutions to our valued clients.

Frank P. Escalona
Executive Producer, Wessel Duval Films


Wessel Duval & Company Films behind the scenes documentary, Wells Fargo.